VTCT Diploma in Beauty Specialist Techniques

QN500/9039/2 - AB20086 | LEVEL 3
This Diploma enables candidates to be able to provide general beauty treatments to clients in a safe and effective manner and to instruct the client on home-care. Course contents include: Facial treatments, Bridal & Special Occasion Make-up, Manicure and Pedicure treatments, Wax Depilation, Eyebrow shaping and Tinting of eyelashes and eyebrows, Perform Salon Duties. Relevant Anatomy & Physiology, Equipment & product knowledge, Professional Ethics, Business Studies, Safety & Hygiene, Client Care & follow-up.

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VTCT Certificate in Fashion & Photographic Makeup

QN601/7626/X - BT3C8 | LEVEL 3
It has been specifically designed to develop practical skills in how to provide make-up for Weddings, Fashion Shows, Photo Shoots, Television, and Artistic Makeup Assignments. It includes a broad spectrum of makeup: Corrective/Camouflage, Bridal, Special Occasion, Period/Era, High Fashion & Catwalk, TV & Media, Portrait & Commercial, Photographic, Ethnic, Black & White, Sepia, High Definition, Avant-Garde, Fantasy, Current Fashion Trends and associated Makeup.
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VTCT Diploma in Make-Up Artistry

QN500/9065/3 - AB30134 | LEVEL 4
This is a Full Diploma Qualification that will enable you to work as a professional Make Up Artist in the film and theatre industry. The main objective of this Diploma is to detail the application of Bridal; Contemporary; Avant-Garde; Era/Period; Fantasy; Colour and Black & White Photographic; Special Occasion Makeup; Era/Period Make-Up; Commercial Photography, Fashion Trends and associated Makeup; Cosmetic Camouflage; Airbrush Makeup; Media Makeup; Face and Body Art; Scar Effects and much more.
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VTCT Diploma in Nail Technology

QN500/8966/3 - AB30130 | LEVEL 4
This Advanced Acrylic, Gel and Wrap Extensions covers Tip Extensions, TwoToning, Sculpture Nails, Back-Fills, Toe Extensions, Wrap Techniques, Coloured Acrylic/Gel Application, 3D Acrylic, Embedded Gel Art Manicure and Pedicure Treatments, Nail Art and Electric Nail Drills. Safety factors regarding all treatments are included, as is advice on after care. Ideal for Nail Technicians wishing to increase their knowledge and skills. Includes also the aspects of health and safety, techniques for Nail Art and nail management. This course also covers Artistic nail designs, Geometric art, Water Marbling, Embedded nail art, 3-D, One-Stroke and Micropittura.
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VTCT Diploma in Massage

QN600/4841/4 - AC30406 | LEVEL 4
This VTCT Massage Diploma is ideal for those who would like to become a professional Masseuse. The main objective of this diploma is to provide a good working knowledge of the human anatomy and physiology for non-medical therapy and to specify the use of body massage primarily for relaxation and lymphatic drainage in a safe effective manner. It enables candidates to provide massages using various techniques to assist in posture improvement, muscle discomfort, stress and other conditions.
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VTCT Diploma in Aromatherapy

QN 600/4843/8 – AC30404 | LEVEL 4
Aromatherapy is the systematic use of essential oils in holistic treatments. Essential oils, extracted from plants possess distinctive therapeutic properties. Aromatherapists use oils in a range of ways, from massage to inhalations and baths. The main objective of our Aromatherapy Diploma Course will be to enable you to enhance and develop blending skills. It covers all the necessary practical training and knowledge to become a Professional Aromatherapist and will be very ‘hands-on’ and include a number of in-class exercises and practical blending work with essential oils and bases.
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VTCT Diploma in Reflexology

QN 600/4840/2 - AC30405 | LEVEL 4
This course will prepare you for a career as a Reflexologist. This qualification will support you to gain employment as a Reflexologist as the units cover all the skills and knowledge required for this role.
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VTCT Certificate in Epilation (Electrolysis)

QN500/8962/6 - AB30140 | LEVEL 4
The VTCT Certificate in Epilation (Electrolysis) is a qualification that has been specifically designed to develop your skills using electrolysis for hair removal. It offers further career opportunities for the beauty therapist looking for employment in the salon/clinic environment. It also allows the mobile therapist to offer a professional and sought after treatment to their clients. This course will cover all relevant theory and practical studies to equip the existing beauty therapist with the skills necessary to carry out this very popular treatment.
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These SOTHYS Hands-on Intensive Training Seminars are intended to help professional Beauty Therapists get familiarised with SOTHYS innovative products and Salon Treatments targeted for specific skin conditions. SOTHYS CERTIFICATES will be given to all attendees. Contact us to find out the dates of our next seminars.

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